Our First Trip to Hedonism II (2015) | Day 6

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14 min readJun 4, 2020

We awoke late the next morning and ended up catching the tail end of breakfast. It was our last full day at Hedo so I wasn’t that happy about missing our breakfast, but we were able to find some fruit and banana bread. While I finished eating, James went to check with the tourist desk to see if the Catamaran would be doing the tour to Rick’s Café later in the afternoon. We had signed up a few days earlier in hopes that we could check out the restaurant and see some cliff jumping. Unfortunately not enough people had signed up (you need 10 people) so we opted on going to do some snorkeling on the prude beach and seeing if we could cab it to Rick’s Café instead.

James was able to convince me to go out on the blue foamie for some snorkeling around the prude beach. Typically, I am not a swimmer and terrified of water so this was a big deal to me! We floated all along the beach looking at the gorgeously coloured fish and snapping pictures. After an hour I had seen my fair share of creepies in the water and retreated to my lounger chair. I noticed a couple we had spoken to a few times some chairs down from me and started to talk to them about their plans for the day.

Some underwater Pictures Captured by James

They wanted to go on the catamaran tour as well, but like us, realized there were not enough people. The guy said there may be a possibility of setting something up with another tour group that picked up people from each resort. I told him we would be in for that and we all agreed on a game plan should the opportunity present itself. Eventually James and his wife surfaced from snorkeling and we all parted ways, excited for our Plan B catamaran trip. The couple went to go talk to the off-resort catamaran tour person and James and I decided it was time to eat again. We were starving from our light breakfast and morning swim adventure!

We had both just sat down from grabbing food when the catamaran couple found us. They had found a tour group that was willing to pick them up, but they were leaving in the next 5 minutes. I looked at my delicious plate of food and drinks in front of me and then out at the water (it had just started to rain). I then looked at James with the hanger-iest eyes ever in desperation. He knew I needed the food and although I was pretty pissed to give up the catamaran, we needed to eat. We said goodbye to the couple and…

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