Naughty in N’awlins Trip Highlights (July 2019) | Day 5


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😌SLEEP IN!!! Yay! We slept in last 10am! It was glorious!

EXPLORE NOLA ON FOOT!!! We met another couple and set off to do some sightseeing of the city. We walked through the French Quarter along the Mississippi River towards Café Du Monde. James and I visited a cute market last year and took our friends to check it out. We also got some amazing Muffulettas and local beer for lunch — so good!!! We visited a bunch of shops and voodoo stores before it started to rain.

Exploring the City!

🍻DRINKS AT RAZOO!!! C from @swingingdownunder told me there was a group at Razoo having some good bye drinks. We made our way there in the rain — at least it was warm! By the time we got there they had a few drinks so we ordered some and the sun came out! And it got hot! We shared some laughs, conversation and drinks before saying goodbye to C &D.

💦PRIVE — POOL OF SOULS!!! After everyone left we packed up our stuff and headed to Prive for a celebration meet up! It didn’t take long to Uber down there and before we knew it we were stripping down and dipping into the pool of souls with other Naughty volunteers!

‼️VISITING A BAR IN A TOWEL!!! Ms Minx was at it again! She told us she had a surprise but wouldn’t tell what it was! She made it clear that it wouldn’t be sexual and it wouldn’t be embarrassing so that eased my anxiety right away! After visiting for a bit she told us to grab towels and follow her! She led us outside of the building, down the street, and straight into a bar! She said hello to the bartender like it was nothing and proceeded to order us some shots! We were laughing so hard and even made friends with people while we were there! After our drinks we headed back and everyone greeted us laughing and asking us how it went! I guess this is the thing in NOLA!

FOOD!!! It was that time again when I needed some food! Actually I think we were all hungry at this point! We found a cute restaurant on the way back to the hotel and stopped in for a delicious meal!

Yes, it does!

​COLETTES NOLA!!! Finally! We were going to check out Colette in New Orleans!!! John and Jackie greeted us when we arrived and we received the grand tour from John! The club was stunning! It was so sexy and tasteful and I loved it! Stay tuned for a club review😍

NIGHT NIGHT TIME!!! And that wrapped up our last wonderful day! We had to get back to bed as nothing was packed and we had to jet out fairly early the following morning.

And that wraps up our Naughty in N’awlins 2019 trip!!!

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