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3 min readJun 12, 2020

Man I do love being in an open relationship!!! Why do you ask? Here are my top 5 reasons:

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​Reason 1: I have become more honest

- In the past, I would cheat and lie to old partners. Now I don’t want to because I am able to clearly express what I want and we can discuss it without fear of shame or guilt.

​Reason 2: Found the Best Wingman EVER!!

- It’s pretty amazing to go out with my significant other and be able to pick up people for one another.

​Reason 3: SO MUCH Communication

- Taara and I talk about everything. IT’S AMAZING and LIBERATING!

​Reason 4: Self Confidence Grew

- Once we found our community it started to build up my self confidence so that I could easily talk to anyone, approach anyone and I also gained the ability to hold conversations with anyone.

​Reason 5: It’s SO Fucking Hot!!

- We have had numerous experiences together and there is no story from 10 years ago that would even crack my top 10!!


Ethical Non Monogamy calls for conscious men!

What does it take to embrace what a Conscious Man is?

​✔️Understand that there can be no outside influences when it comes to owning your feelings and emotions. No one can tell you how to feel. You are your own person and own your emotions, own your feelings and in the end you will be happier with the outcome because you stayed true to yourself. Owning your feelings and emotions is where it all starts.

​✔️Only you can decide how you are going to process the information and a conscious man understands that some situations need time and reacting doesn’t improve the situation.

​✔️A conscious man is aware of his emotions. Your emotions can send you into a downward spiral, and men tend to project that with aggression. Do your best to understand your emotions so that when they come up, you can have the tools in place to understand and navigate them.

​✔️COMMUNICATE without fear or guilt. You have feelings, emotions, thoughts and fantasies… express them! Share them! Just as others do not control your feelings and emotions, you cannot control the feelings and emotions of others. YOU CANNOT CONTROL HOW SOMEONE WILL TAKE THE INFO! Be clear, confident and compassionate in your approach and 99% of the time the conversation will be positive!

If you are looking for more support, have questions or want to discuss an experience, I am always here to talk! You can book a SUPPORT SESSION here or EMAIL ME anytime.


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